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Audison Warranty

2016.5 AUDISON Elettromedia-USA Warranty Policy
Audison Electronics
Effective September, 2016 Audison Electronics (amplifiers/processors) purchased and installed from an
authorized Elettromedia-USA dealer will carry a 2 year over the counter exchange warranty. For the first
year of the warranty period Elettromedia will exchange the defective product for a new A stock product.
For the second year for the warranty period, Elettromedia-USA will exchange the defective product for a
reconditioned product. The exchanged defective product must be sent back to Elettromedia-USA in
complete packaging including all accessories.
If the Audison amplifier or processor was NOT installed by
a factory trained authorized dealer, the product will carry a 1 year warranty for over the counter exchange.
Proof of sale to the end user is required.

Audison Speakers
Speakers purchased and installed by an authorized Audison dealer will have a three (3) year limited
warranty from the original date of purchase. Speakers not installed by an authorized Audison dealer will
have a one (1) year limited warranty from the original date of purchase. Proof of purchase and installation
is required to qualify.


Speaker Field Destroy Policy
Dealers in good standing will have the opportunity to participate in the Audison speaker field destroy
program. Any speaker with a sheet cost of $350 or less can qualify for field destroy warranty replacement.
In order to qualify for field destroy the dealer must submit pictures of the defect, serial number of the
product and proof of that speaker with serial number being destroyed by cutting the cone and removing
the voice coil. Field destroy is not automatic. An RA must be obtained before a field destroy is authorized.
Elettromedia-USA reserves the right to request the defective product be sent back for warranty
inspection.   More Info

General Warranty Statements

The warranty does not cover the cost of removal, re-installation or any shipping cost incurred to
the dealer or consumer to send product to Elettromedia-USA.

All Speakers or Speaker Components under warranty will be exchanged with a new or like new speaker
or speaker component. For speakers sold as a pair or set (coaxial or components), only the defective
speaker or component (tweeters, crossovers, midranges) is to be sent in for exchange. The original unit’s
warranty will apply to the replacement unit. If the product is discontinued, it will be replaced with a like or
similar unit for only the defective speaker or speaker component.

This warranty shall not cover any defects in the opinion of Elettromedia-USA, caused by abuse, misuse,
accident (including acts of God such as flood, earthquake, lighting or fluctuation in electrical power), liquid
damage or damage caused by attempted theft. Failure to perform reasonable and necessary
maintenance, improper installation, improper installation of other components, modification or service by
non-authorized Elettromedia-USA Service Center, caused in transit or in handling, or when the model’s
serial number has been removed, altered or defaced.

If the returned unit has been determined to show signs of abuse, misuse, negligence, or liquid damage, it
will be returned. The warranty will be voided at this point.

If the returned item does not include all original accessories, manuals or packing, the dealer will
be charged accordingly to make the product complete before any warranty processes are
The dealer or consumer is responsible for shipping charges to Elettromedia-USA. The
replacement or repaired product will be shipped back via ground, prepaid.

 Last updated Thu, Feb 18 2016 11:42am

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